City of Ontinyent

  1. Comfortable on the beautiful north-south A-7 and east-west CV-81 or CV-655 and thus not locked in by the coast and the very busy daily coastal traffic.

  2. All 4 directions with easy access to the beaches or Valencia, Alicante or Albaceta or beyond to the rest of Spain.

  3. Beautiful villages all directly around with rich historical sites such as over 30 castles.

  4. Exquisite nature with rivers, lakes, forests, many wineries, olives, oranges, khaki, nuts and various other orchards.


The yellow line straight from the house is 2,5 km to the other side of Ontinyent.

From the entrance gate to Ontinyent is 1,5km on the main road of Santa Ana.


Entire Ontinyent within 3 km from home on 2 lane road.


Ontinyent has 3 health centres and a soon to be finished new hospital (replacing the old)


Ontinyent has many big supermarkets and 3 good DIY and tool shops,-0.5988283,1451m/data=!3m1!1e3


Ontinyent to Gandia and beaches  = 50-60 km

Ontinyent to capital Valencia        = 85 km

Ontinyent to Alicante                   = 95 km


Ontinyent capital (largest city) of Vall d'Albaida


"Communidad de Valencia" is the province of Valencia and province Alicante combined.


Location of Vall d'Albaida in the Valencian Community




























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