City of Ontinyent


The yellow line from the house is 2,5 km to the other side of Ontinyent.


Entire Ontinyent within 3 km from home on 2 lane road.

Location of Vall d'Albaida in the Valencian Community


Ontinyent has 3 health centres

 and a soon to be finished new hospital (replacing the old)


Ontinyent has many big supermarkets

and 3 good DIY and tool shops,-0.5988283,1451m/data=!3m1!1e3


Ontinyent capital (largest) of Vall d'Albaida



Ontinyent to Gandia and beaches = 50-60 km



Ontinyent to capital Valencia = 85 km

Communidad de Valencia is the province of Valencia and province Alicante combined



Ontinyent to Alicante = 95 km





















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