Mathias can be hired for one or more days but also for longer periods, working at your location or a mutual acceptable alternative inclusive working from home base.

Rates are very competitive and payback will be fast, often with one Purchase Order.

Please contact Mathias at your convenience detailing your requirement selecting any of the below subjects:

1.    Procurement training according your specification and requirement:
            planning / date(s)
            specific subject or objective
            number of participants
            function of participants
2.    Project Buyer or Temporary Assignment
3.    Preparing and / or Executing Internal or External Audits
4.    Writing (ISO certified) Buying Manuals and / or Care System Manuals and training the organization accordingly
The above work, both in Dutch or English.
You may personally determine location of the training and other activities where e-working from home is certainly an option.

PST - Procurement Services & Training

P.O. Box 8

Post Office Hat Yai

Hat Yai Songkhla

90110 Thailand


(by Procurement Salangam Training)

e-mail: pst@lyma.eu

telephone: +66 936 10 85 60